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Looking for monotonically increasing (integer) hash function

Have a look at Morton code, also called z-curve. it does exactly what you are (were) looking for. The inverse is not monotonous though.
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What is a helper? Is it a design pattern? Is it an algorithm?

Short answer A code OR data OR code with data that helps to complete particular operation/computation.
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Which k-best shortest-path algorithms should I consider?

Please refer the table below to make the best choice. Algorithm Time Complexity (Big O) Space Complexity (Big O) Direct or undirect graph? Handle cyclic graph? Handle negative edge weight? When to ...
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Match making algorithm respecting players' choices

The choice does not have to be mutual to come into effect Your game has a bug. I want to team with Alice but it keeps putting me with Bob. Humans don't react well if you don't let them opt out of one ...
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