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Separate unidirectional streams vs single bidirectional stream

One use case for a bidirectional stream is when editing files. This would often require both reading and writing, and editing files is a quite common use case. I also believe most OSes exposes files ...
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Separate unidirectional streams vs single bidirectional stream

In languages where the interface for a stream is inherently bidirectional (see C#'s Stream for example), this can lead to bugs when the wrong stream is accidentally used. I agree. That's why there ...
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REST API with swappable backends

Your last 2 paragraphs are the way to go. No real overhead, especially if you cache any client specific meta data associated with each call. Most likely you will have to write a fa├žade for each back ...
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How to handle data when source of truth is through API

This is an extremely common problem when building any sort of distributed system. This is such a foundational problem for service-oriented architecture and microservices that no single canonical term ...
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