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Sending Notification pattern

I am new to backend development Given that, I am going to suggest you start by following good design patterns. In this case the pattern you want is probably the "observer pattern" https://...
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How to manage database changes and sync data with multiple api versions

Half of computer science problems are solved by introducing one more level of indirection. Here, we wish to distinguish between logical and physical implementation. This comes up all the time. A ...
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Is service discovery an anti-pattern?

Service discovery (as mentioned in other answers) is just a technique of linking of services without hard coding each with others static address. The real anti-pattern is making service discovery a ...
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Is service discovery an anti-pattern?

Terms change over time, so I think "service discovery pattern" used to mean: func MyFunc() { var service = serviceRegistry.Find<MyService>(); service.something } This is ...
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