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Questions about C++, a statically typed, free-form, multi-paradigm, compiled, general-purpose programming language.

[Above excerpt quoted from Wikipedia.]

New to C++?

Welcome! Whether you are new to programming or are coming to C++ from another programming language, it is highly recommended to have a good book from which to learn the language.

If you are looking for a good compiler, g++ is the most commonly used compiler on Linux and other platforms, while Microsoft Visual C++ is the most commonly used on Windows. We also have a list of toolsets.

Join us in chat, where we discuss C++, programming in general, and even other stuff when the sun goes down and boredom creeps in. Don't forget your sense of humor, but keep it civilized.


The language standard has remained pretty much the same for a long time, but the new standard C++0x has now been defined. Rather than a "big bang" approach, it is being rolled out gradually as compilers are supporting the new language features. See the C++0x FAQ to see what is new in the language, and check your own compilers FAQs to see which of those features are currently supported.

Have a Question?

When you ask a question, be sure to include any relevant source code. Try to keep the code as minimalist as possible while still reproducing the problem; often the problem will be found during the process. Try to make sure that the source code compiles, if possible. However, if there are any compiler errors, be sure to indicate:

  • which compiler you are using
  • exactly what the errors are and
  • on which lines they occur (mark the lines with comment)

Stack Overflow's C++ FAQ

We've recently started an effort to create a list of C++ questions frequently asked on Stack Overflow. You can reach them using the [c++-faq] tag.

External FAQs

On C++0x

Other External Resources

Third party code

General Posts

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