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Will anything that's written in c/c++ be rerwritten in rust?

Anything? Sure. I mean, there's literally 50 years of legacy code out there, something will almost certainly be ported. Everything? No way in hell. I mean, there's literally 50 years of legacy code ...
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How to handle design changes for auto_ptr deprecation in C++11?

“deprecated” means you can still use it if you have a good reason. Having to support an older compiler version is a good reason. I would work until a decision is made that development for cxx03 is ...
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How do you use external libraries in git?

If you need full control over the external lib, one option would be: Fork your own repo from the original one. Add your own custom build scripts for each OS you need (this usually means wraping your ...
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Sink or non-sink API's?

It might be clearer to think about owned vs borrowed data. Owned data duplicates data in memory, but is much easier to use correctly. With owned data, it is less likely to encounter object lifetime ...
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How to handle dependencies between objects/components

The other option would be having the PhysicsWorld handle the list of physObjects, which seems more intuitive since the PhysicsWorld should probably know about which objects it includes anyway. I like ...
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Clang compiler is unstable for me, backtrace msg asks me to open a GitHub issue. How often should I post my issue?

Should I submit more issues with more crash messages (because I get them every day), as requested in the crash message? No. Submitting additional bug-reports for crashes in the same feature will not ...
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Design pattern to create a shared lib architecture

Hmm. You could force the RAII structure by making a "shadow main" function that takes a callback. Even a C-style "pointer to function taking no arguments and returning void" ...
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