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Should I store large amounts of data in the properties of a node in a graph database?

Things to consider when you store large text as properties on nodes in Neo4j: the size of the database increases on disk. This is something to take into account, as well as the corresponding size of ...
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Handling Back-dated Transactions and "Online" Transactions on ERP/Banking Systems

It's a great question, and one that reveals many of the subtleties about banking that we rarely see here. I can't answer all the questions, but I can say something on a couple which involve ...
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Clarification on using timestamp without time zone and LocalDateTime in UTC-centric systems

Storing a date in UTC, Posix or any other universal time scale means that everyone in the world can easily agree that two events happened at the same time, of that one happened before the other, and ...
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Better way to track and analyze downloads (or any other events)

Your second design is good. Keep timestamp + filename forever. Index on at least timestamp. Is the table “too big”? No. Dashboard queries for “today” or even for this week’s downloads ignore the bulk ...
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