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How can I trace back the original table of a column?

If you're hopping between engines and moving through many layers of queries and views, then it's very unlikely you'll find an automated solution that can trace the dependencies. I seem to remember ...
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Table referential integrity varying according to application logic

You are on the right track with copying the data when the dispatch happen. For keeping the copy I see two viable alternatives. Obviously, you need an intermediate table shipment_line_item for all ...
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Table referential integrity varying according to application logic

There are some sensible options: Records in table y needs to be immutable; however, of course, they also need to be updateable.  So, you need versioning of records in table y of some sort.  Old table ...
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From the perspective of OOP, taking performance into account - should a database connection be a static field, an instance field, or a local variable?

For a tiny program that you write just to learn to program, it doesn't matter. In fact, it is probably worth experimenting with all the kinds of variables, while learning, just to get familiar with ...
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