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Why do payment systems verify the transaction once it has been completed?

When you write "deducted the balance" it suggests you might be missing a key thing that is important to understand about banking systems. They don't really store 'a balance' for each account....
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Sandboxing interpreted code

It seems you have two conflicting requirements. On one hand, you want direct, low level memory access from your language's byte code to the host. On the other hand, you want to prevent the host ...
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High Throughput Concurrent Map Access and Periodic Updates Causing Contention and Latency Spikes

Is the considered solution optimal, or is there a better approach to handle high throughput reads and periodic writes without causing contention? Assuming you have a fairly constant read-load on the ...
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Sandboxing interpreted code

Can I even handle segfaults in user code reliably? No, because the worst case is that it doesn't segfault but instead overwrites part of the runtime's state which is in the same process. You can't ...
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