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I am answering this for completeness. The resulting API design that I went with can be best illustrated with some example user code: from import * from pyorama.core.system import * from import * class EnemySystem(System): def init(self): pass def quit(self): pass def update(self): ...


You needed to design your event system to be modal. When a game object subscribes for an event, it also tells the event system what modes that it's interested in: addEventListener(Keyboard.Left, ["menu", "map"], handler=function {}) If the UI enters a certain mode, it'll only call the event handlers for those modes.


Each enum also has multiple actions now, e.g. there is an action to toggle mouse cursor visibility, another action for ignoring certain types of keyboard inputs, and more. ... It has happened on multiple occasions that we were left wondering why a certain input key was being ignored by our game. The issue here seems to be that your game logic is directly ...

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