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Deploy C#/C++ binaries incrementally by patching the difference

You are looking for a tool that can calculate, transfer, and apply binary diffs. You cannot transfer just modified files, since all files will be modified. However, most parts within the files will ...
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Deploy C#/C++ binaries incrementally by patching the difference

I suggest rsync. Using rsync you don't need to correctly reimplement vast majority of fuctionality like diff algorithm, working with files, network protocol to transfer data and so on. Currently we ...
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What is a set of robust deployment/installation techniques for service-oriented design?

It is hard to give any concrete advice, since the only things which could be said are far too general to help you in your concrete problem domain. What you are mostly looking for is some kind of ...
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How to create database, tables and stored procedures during installation of application

Many databases have a "dump" feature that creates a text-based representation of the database. MySQL has mysqldump, for example. Depending on your database, you can specify to only dump structures ...
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Installation process for a modern complex Windows Software Installation?

From my experience of over more than 10 years of Windows product development, I would recommend to put almost everything above into an MSI based installer, if you want to make it easy for the admins ...
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How to create secure desktop installer that doesn't trigger a virus alert for unknown exe?

You'll probably want to get a code signing certificate. That will identify your application. They are like SSL certificates, but for programs. Once you have that, sign both your executable and ...
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Reliable installer

This is not about research. This is about handling all the possible cases, like different OSes, HW, file systems, additional software (like antiviruses), installation requirements, etc.. Something ...
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How to create database, tables and stored procedures during installation of application

What's stopping you from writing all the relevant SQL to a text file, reading that in and then executing that? As you've noticed, putting that SQL in Java is a pain, so use a tool that is better ...
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How to convert a powershell script to opensource `.exe`?

Credits go to @Jotunn and @Ewan. As listed in the link provided by @Ewan, the answer of @Jotunn provided a solution. Powergui allows conversion of setup.ps1 to setup.exe. The verified steps as ...
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Deploy C#/C++ binaries incrementally by patching the difference

My feedback Thanks @amon and @gapsf for the provided solutions. My experience so far is: (1) Patching Algorithm BsDiff 4, a nice algorithm originally written in C++ and probably already ported to C#, ...
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How do I find out all modifications made by installing software?

There is a security technology called file integrity monitoring. There are a number of tools that provide it. I'm not going to recommend one because that's explicitly off topic here. But it's good to ...
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