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If I develop a media player for mobile or desktop do I have to pay for a license if my player is able to read MP3 files?

I read quite a few forum topics and mailing list (link), the general answer was that if you are using the Android SDK, and you do not have an MP3 encoder/decoder in your application, then you don't ...
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How to avoid big and clumsy UITableViewController on iOS?

My view on this is that the model needs to give an array of object that are called ViewModel or viewData encapsulated in a cellConfigurator. the CellConfigurator holds the CellInfo needed to deque it ...
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Making apps communicate with each other (?)

Would this be very advanced to make and/or be extremely time consuming? I studied basic HTML and Java programming for two years in school, but that's it. It's not very advanced, but that doesn't mean ...
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How do large companies deal with the 100 device limit in the Apple Developer Program

You use a third party app store to deploy to internal and or test devices√∂sungen/betriebssystem√ľbergreifende-verwaltung/ios-management
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Why do successive iOS versions take longer to run the same task on the same hardware?

Only Apple knows the actual answer to this question. But one possible answer is that source code and compiler optimizations for particular CPU implementations and memory hierarchies can actually make ...
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How to avoid big and clumsy UITableViewController on iOS?

Following SOLID principles will solve any kind of problems like these. If you want to your classes to have JUST A SINGLE responsibility, you should define separate DataSource and Delegate classes ...
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Can python and php work together?

Jay's answer is correct that you can do this thing. The normal way to describe this is that you'll be developing the python algorithm (function) into a "service" (standalone application) that your ...
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