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While I think @Christophe's answer is the simplest solution (and simplicity often prevails over everything else), I think there is, at least, one more alternative. If OrderController is basically the same for all three contexts but for some specific behaviour, I would evaluate the possibility to make these specific behaviours parametrizable. In other words, ...


Do the figures specify the presentation/application/data logics? If so, how? They don't specify them in any precise sense, but they do show a high level logical organization of the system. Presentation logic would be a part of the user-facing tiers (desktop GUIs, web pages, mobile device screens). Most of the application logic would be in what's on both ...


MVC (model-view-controller) is an architectural pattern, but it does not map directly into N-tier architecture: Those are more or less orthogonal, and in principle each layer can have their own (even multiple) MVCs. And of course N-tier architecture can use MVC somewhere or not. For some simplified system, maybe one can somehow put model at some business ...

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