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What really is a "web server" in relation to popular frameworks like Flask, Node.js, Apache?

In IT in general we're all really bad at using words that are either Not rigorously defined The rigorous definition is different than the way the term is commonly used (e.g. strong typing) In other ...
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What techniques can help me identifying unused dependencies for a production build?

The Dev Dependencies are only installed when doing a full npm install (usually locally). These usually include testing type of dependencies or other dependencies only needed for the local development ...
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Open source projects, SBOMs and security

There is nothing inherently wrong in publishing all the dependencies (including their version) app used - or an SBOM, as you called it - at publishing time. However, this may become a potential ...
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Are mature dependencies less risky than state of the art ones?

There are many factors at play to choose between "fast" or "slow" upgrades. The main one is that unless you have an absolutely gigantic budget (time, people, expertise) you will ...
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User authentication using cookies in a web app using API on different domains

Yes it's achievable. Javascript runs on domain1, logs in gets auth token, saves to cookie on domain1. Javascript on domain1 wants to call domain2. Read the token from domain1 cookie. build request to ...
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flow control solutions in Node.js - use async.waterfall?

pipe of async functions can be done in a really clean way: npm install js-awe This is how the solution of your problem looks like: import {plan, repeat} from 'js-awe' const createCollection = plan()....
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