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Source Control Design for Proprietary Logic which includes Obfuscation

Simply treat your "proprietary algorithms package" as if it was developed as a closed source software by a 3rd party vendor, decoupled from your main project. You may have already such other ...
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How to deliver a website to the customer VM (real server) with a trial period?

In order for your code to be useful, it needs to be executed. In order to be executed, it needs to be understood by the CPU. CPU's are much stupider than humans, therefore, if it can be understood by ...
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Source Control Design for Proprietary Logic which includes Obfuscation

With regard to Flater's comment, if the algorithms are so secret that you don't regard your ordinary staff NDAs and security practices as sufficient (an extremely high bar!), then one advantage of the ...
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License control for an on-premise application

Licensing is difficult, which is one of the reasons there are third party products to enforce licensing for you. And in the context of this question we are simply talking about license enforcement. ...
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Method to mask variable names in C++ files (cpp, h) and create an intermediate API?

If I understand your question correctly, you would like to obfuscate the protocol, but not necessarily masquerading the nature (purpose) of the software to be built by the hired C++ developer. You ...
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Entire webpage obfuscation

does it makes sense to obfuscate a webpage that could comprise of variety of codes It depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to remove the semantic (human readable meaning of object names ...
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Library protection in C++

@Bart Van Ingen Schenau is basically correct. In most jurisdictions, you have two choices for protecting your algorithm. What he's described is essentially trade secret protection. To get actual trade ...
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Library protection in C++

The concern is a client can share that library with anyone and get it running without our involvement, how to prevent that? You cannot prevent this by technical means. The typical way this is ...
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