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Pcregrep vs Perl vs Python for bash scripting when needing advanced regex features

Unless you work with some very arcane systems then if the remote system has bash, it will have Perl as well. A considerable amount of all the core utilities on almost all Linuxes are written in Perl ...
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PHP: when to use arrays, and when to use objects for mostly-data-storing code constructs?

You can implement json structure using JsonSerializable interface and use nested array/class in any way. Class is faster in get/set operations and easier to debug. With Array you need no declaration. ...
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When should I use Perl's DBIx::Class?

The way I make it scale: create one class that provides the DBI socket constructor and test methods. derive that class into your SQL query classes (one class per sql table) and test for the socket ...
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Is it true that "Real programmers can write assembly code in any language."?

Assembly languages are the most primitive programming languages. There are much better programming languages, but “real programmers” (those who grew up with assembly languages and refused to learn ...
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Should Perl scripts really have no extension?

The excerpt indeed makes a perfectly valid advice. I would also add, that for a smaller system it is quite trivial to go over and rename a few files and/or strings here and there in case of changing ...
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What makes Python more used as an implementation language than the others?

Is Python really more used than other languages? It depends. Let's have a look. In OSS web applications PHP dominates the installations: WordPress, Typo3, Joomla, Magento, ShopWare, Moodle. Maybe the ...
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What makes Python more used as an implementation language than the others?

As a well-known Perl person, I have a few thoughts, and almost none of them are related to one language being better than another. Perl and Python, in the hands of skilled practitioners, can basically ...
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