Questions about the Software Development Life Cycle (i.e. activities of the software development process, not necessarily related to a specific methodology).

A software development life cycle describes a way to organize all the activities required for the software development process, from the gathering of requirement to the delivery of a tested software product.

The life cycle can follow different models, such as for example the sequential waterfall approach, or an iterative agile approach. It usually address activities such as requirement gathering and analysis, software design, software implementation, testing and other quality assurance activities, delivering the product, all this with more or less details but not necessarily in a sequential way.

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  • the term SDLC is sometimes used to refer to waterfall approach, due to the historical naming of the "Systems development life cycle" which used a strongly phased approach. This understanding should be avoided for this tag.
  • This tag is about "Software development life cycle". Although it has the same acronym it is intended to be more general (see Meta discussion: Tag merge / synonym request: [life-cycle] → [sdlc])

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