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Refactoring Processor classes

If you are sure that you are violating the SRP, what actual problems does that cause you? Years ago someone analysed common problems and found root causes. With the SRP, the problem is not that a ...
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How to do "Separation of concerns"

How to identify which seperation suits my development. Be suspicious of 1 to 1 relationships across separations. Yes even that FooTest class that tests the Foo class. Separations are more useful when ...
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How to do "Separation of concerns"

Separating on the base of language is not separation of concerns. It's only the consequence of SoC: SoC is the root cause that made you chose two different languages instead of one. Separation of ...
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How to do "Separation of concerns"

Most design practices have one goal in mind - maintenance. When a component is changed it may become buggy. To minimize bugs we want each change to affect less components (we assume that a in a well ...
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How to do "Separation of concerns"

Separation of Concerns, in SOLID is talking about classes. ie. a class should have a defined purpose and stick to it. Like, Auth, SavingToDatabase etc However, you also have "Layers" of ...
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