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There are plenty of rules-based monitoring systems out there, nagios is very popular, for smaller projects the free version of PRTG is easier to learn.


If you need to update the rules within a rule engine, you need to replace the code that expresses the rules. Dynamically load the rules class(es) from a jar. Have a endpoint in your app that would trigger re-reading and re-loading a new jar after you uploaded it to a server. The JVM has a built-in interpreter support for like 15 years. Pick any interpreter ...


Excellent analysis. Writing an object graph is notoriously difficult because it can involve a lot of foreign key lookups and these are hard to implement without incurring a lot of waits. To make a dent in the performance, you need to widen your approach. Few ideas to consider: Blasting all the new data into a temporary table and reconcile with the main ...

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