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Is there a name for the (anti- ) pattern of passing parameters that will only be used several levels deep in the call chain?

The data itself is called "tramp data". It is a "code smell", indicating that one piece of code is communicating with another piece of code at a distance, through intermediaries. Increases rigidity ...
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Which way are downstream and upstream services?

The downstream services are the ones that consume the upstream service. In particular, they depend on the upstream service. So the front-end is downstream to the back-end because it depends on the ...
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115 votes

What is a domain?

The domain is the real-world context in which you're attempting to solve a problem using software. Each domain comes with expertise, vocabulary and tools that are part of that domain. A specific ...
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Is cloud computing mainly just a marketing term?

The distinguishing feature of "cloud computing" is indeed the way that it is marketed, in particular, the way that it is priced. Another synonym for "cloud computing" that I ...
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Is there a name for the (anti- ) pattern of passing parameters that will only be used several levels deep in the call chain?

I don't think this, in itself, is an anti-pattern. I think the problem is that you are thinking of the functions as a chain when really you should think of each one as an independent black box (NOTE: ...
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What is the name for storing / packing many boolean states into one number?

It's most commonly referred to as a bit field, and another term you'll often hear is bit masks, which are used to get or set individual bit values or the entire bit field at once. Many programming ...
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Why are bit masks called "masks" and what purpose do they serve?

A mask (of the facial variety) is something that covers up some parts of your face and lets other parts show through. The terminology is used by analogy in computing: a bitmask covers up (filters out)...
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94 votes

Software bug vs. software corruption

Software corruption is the contrary of software integrity. It's the same thing as data corruption, except that the data is the software code. It can affect: the software binary stored in memory: ...
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82 votes

Difference between Algorithm and Code

Algorithm and code are different, but related things. The relationship is simple: Code expresses algorithms. The same algorithm could be expressed in different languages, including natural language, ...
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If I implement an Interface, is it called an Inheritance?

UPDATE: I've revised this answer. A number of good points were raised in the comments that deserved calling out. If my class implements an interface then can I say that I'm following inheritance? ...
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Is there a name for the (anti- ) pattern of passing parameters that will only be used several levels deep in the call chain?

BobDalgleish has already noted that this (anti-)pattern is called "tramp data". In my experience, the most common cause of excessive tramp data is having a bunch of linked state variables that should ...
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72 votes

Difference between Algorithm and Code

In short, while there are differences in the specific meaning of the words, that civil engineer was being needlessly pedantic and balking at you not using his preferred word. There was no justifiable ...
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65 votes

What does "representing" something in memory mean in OOP?

This question is not specific to software engineering: it applies to all disciplines working with information. In 1929, the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte explained it very intuitively in a ...
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64 votes

What term describes a list of exactly length 1?

Do not come up with a new word. Your name is perfectly fine: It is unambiguous and specific and consequently leaves no doubt to the reader what you are talking about. By contrast, singleton, unary, 1-...
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61 votes

Why is the term "string" so often abbreviated as "sz"?

Its a variable naming convention called Hungarian Notation. It was common in the 90's, and notably used a lot by Microsoft in their Windows API docs. The idea is to prefix variables with hints about ...
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56 votes

Is there terminology for "true"ing, "false"ing, and toggling a boolean?

Setting a value to true is setting it Setting it to false is clearing it. Changing the current value is toggling it. You can also use "setting it to true" and "setting it to false", of course.
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55 votes

Why are bit masks called "masks" and what purpose do they serve?

A bit mask is used to mask some bits of a bit field while exposing others: initial value: 011011001 bit mask.....: 111110000 result value.: 011010000 This has been used before computing in ...
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The meaning of asynchronous vs synchronous

I would like to give you an answer which is directly related to those definitions you found. When one task T1 starts a second task T2, it can happen in the following manner: Synchronous: existing ...
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45 votes

What are "golden files"?

A "golden file" is the expected output of some test (usually automated), stored as a separate file rather than as a string literal inside the test code. So when the test is executed, it will read in ...
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44 votes

Is a memoized pure function itself considered pure?

Yes. The memoized version of a pure function is also a pure function. All that function purity cares about is the effect that input parameters on the return value of the function (passing the same ...
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If a function mutates outer state during execution but reverts the outer state into original state after execution, does it still contain side effect?

Well, at least it is a temporary side effect. You may notice the difference to the fully side-effect free version when you run your program in a multi-threaded context. Since your case involves ...
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Is there a term for unimplemented code that was written for someone else to fill in?

I've seen the term “stub” being used. For example, I believe that Eclipse automatically inserts a comment String getName() { // TODO: Auto-generated method stub return null; } into its ...
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What is a domain?

It simply means the problem space you are working in. For example, if you were building an e-commerce website your domain would be "e-commerce" and would involve the processes associated with your ...
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Why are bit masks called "masks" and what purpose do they serve?

Bitmasks are terribly old. I haven't been able to find a reference to the first one, but they were certainly popular by the advent of 8-bit processors, and likely were also used in 4-bit processors. ...
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Which way are downstream and upstream services?

The best way to think about this is to think of a river. The downstream part of the river cant get any water unless it comes from upstream i.e. downstream is dependent on upstream for its water. If ...
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Is there a name for the (anti- ) pattern of passing parameters that will only be used several levels deep in the call chain?

I am not aware of a specific name for this, but I guess it is worth to mention that the problem you describe is just the problem of finding the best compromise for the scope of such a parameter: as a ...
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Is there a common term for a fixed-length, fifo, "push through" array or list?

This sounds a lot like a circular buffer or ring buffer. It meets most of the criteria: It has a fixed size of items. They don't have to be a specific value at the start, but they could be ...
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Definition of "functor"; Haskell vs. C++

The two meanings are unrelated. The Haskell community (and really the Functional Programming community in general, and even the general programming community beyond FP) uses the term Functor in the ...
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