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Difference between API and protocol?

In computer science, a protocol pertains specifically to communication. This means you have at least two parties and the protocol defines how each is to behave. An API is a static definition of the ...
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Difference between API and protocol?

The c2 wiki distinguishes them like this: An API provides a library that you must link with to use the services. This tightly binds the client and server together. The API tends invade all code ...
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Phrase for "timestamp"-like value that increments every time there is a state change?

I guess it is like a version but the connotation is off. Versions suggests that info about previous versions is available and each version builds upon the last. What I had in mind is simply a signal ...
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Disambiguating Python terms, what is the difference between "type hint" vs "type annotations"?

Type hints is a broader category than type annotations. While annotations are normally the best format for type hints, there are times when it is more appropriate to represent them by a special ...
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