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How to test the tests?

A unit test is correct if it passes correct application code and fails incorrect application code. If your unit tests are written before you have functional application code then your unit tests ...
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How to test the tests?

Other suggest to "write small and error-prone tests". That is imho reasonable default. I will provide two more things, which can improve quality of tests, or at least provide some metrics ...
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Does TDD formally use black box testing to supplement unit tests?

Much like the "field of testing" development, one kind of testing never really excludes another kind of testing. As long as you follow the testing approach, you can test your software in ...
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How to write my own unit test?

You can use this header file: It is easy to be integrated or extended into your application, your example will be possible to write here: #include &...
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Why are sealed classes not allowed to be mocked?

Mocking a class usually works by using reflection to construct a subclass which has methods and properties that do nothing (or whatever is required for the mock). "Sealed" classes cannot be ...
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