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Jon Purdy has the right idea. git flow makes the actual management of these branches easy, as well, and branch management is an argument for moving to git. Let's start with a basic rundown of git, since you're coming from the svn-to-git perspective. Consider in git the following: master--...............-.....-..............- \ / / ...


Personally, philosophically, I am inclined to let source control check in pointers to the large binary files (small binary resources are OK), and not the contents of the file. This pointer would contain a hash of the binary file contents. The binary file itself would not be managed by source control. It would be stored in some kind of library where it can ...


There really isnt a qualitive difference between git flow and trunk based patterns if you use feature branches. The problem that trunk based is supposed to solve is those long lived feature branches that never get merged and the merge conflicts they generate when you finally do merge them. Instead it says "just merge what you've got, as long as it compiles ...

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