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In a web application, should "private" user images be protected with authentication/authorization?

I've come back to this question a number of times. To be honest, my expectation as a user is if I mark it private, then I wouldn't expect a direct link to work. But I'm a technologist. I have a ...
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Is 10 KB a large amount of data to pass around each time a user makes an API call?

You are likely not even measuring the thing you really want to measure. When looking at the "Is this scalable" question, you need to look at cost per user or cost per request. For example, ...
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Concrete implementation of MVP with "dumb" view

I like the idea of having a "dumb" view to be able to cover as much of the code with unit tests. I like the idea as well. It follows a pattern Martin Fowler called the Humble Object which ...
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Architectural decision regarding at-most-once semantics cron jobs in distributed systems

What ... disadvantages do you see in both approaches? You're thinking too hard. This is a solved problem. what other approaches are there with having even fewer disadvantages? Do ACID. Your problem ...
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Is it good practice to always use "use strict" in modern web apps?

The JavaScript strict mode is not enabled for legacy code for backwards compatibility reasons. But it should be used for all code that you write. In practice, this happens implicitly: using JavaScript ...
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Do we need APIs to just access databases?

If your application is purely a server side rendered application with no need to integrate with external systems, then a http api will add no value. You should still have an api, the internal model ...
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3 votes

Is it a good idea to serve a Single Page Application as a static site?

Assuming you mean the front end only, then yes. The APIs aren't static and must be hosted accordingly. But the SPA can be hosted static. Our production SaaS in Azure has about 20 Static Web Apps (a ...
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Deciding between logic on the front-end or back-end

You don't have many details in your question, so I can only provide a very general answer. If the front end and backend need to agree on a list of values, then the backend should have this list, and ...
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1 vote

What is an optimal system design for tracking product views per user that is scalable?

add another table called "Seen Products" having two columns Yes! That's perfect, it is the standard design solution. ProductId and UserId Well, I would amend that to be UserId and ...
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Processing messages sequentially in SQS FIFO

Messages are processed in the order they are received (First In First Out). Up to 10 messages can be received at once, if there are less than 10 messages with the same group ID, one can receive ...
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Safe Plugin Architecture for Python Web API

User-generated code opens you up to vulnerabilities. ... I want to ensure the function has no access to state (global) variables, there is no IO (can't access files), and god forbid it can access the ...
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Web applications, cookies and GDPR

Just use cookies. The reason the distinction is made between the different "types" of cookies is so that the user can opt out of non essential cookies. If you are only using "strictly-...
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Best practice in synchronized form data validations (Web apps - Client-Server)

Interesting topic, pretty much every web application copies those rules, so such a library would be very much welcome ;) Here's an example implementation using ASP.NET Core and Angular: https://...
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