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Why are there so many frameworks for web development?

UPDATE: This answer refers to the original un-edited and ambiguous question, so is based on an interpretation about the use of different frameworks for different aspects of web development; it doesn't ...
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What Is the Industry Standard of Specifying APIs for Frontend-Backend Handshake?

You're making the incorrect assumption that you and your frontend colleague are adversaries. The correct way of dealing with problems at an interface is to cooperatively debug both sides. You seem to ...
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Why are there so many frameworks for web development?

Web development is the use of different frameworks. You could, if you want, write web application without any framework at all. You can, for instance, use Common Gateway Interface (CGI) on server-...
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Why are there so many frameworks for web development?

You are used to using general purpose languages that can do almost anything with enough effort. You're reading about domain specific languages / frame works which do a few things well. HTML, JSON, ...
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How to develop front end (UI) for my Django website

Perhaps learn how to use html + bootstrap. Bootstrap is a modern package to make responsive sites where the CSS and JavaScripts are almost, if not all, taken cared of for you. So no need to dig way to ...
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Is Angular 2 ready for production use or should I use AngularJS 1?

Angular 2 is not yet released, it's at release candidate level though. If I were to start a new application today I would seriously consider just going with it. If you are building something large, ...
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Modernizing legacy application

That's a very valuable software you have here, and a nice plan to evolve it! When such is system is serving customer and works, the rewrite strategy you take is critical. If your goal is to improve ...
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What Is the Industry Standard of Specifying APIs for Frontend-Backend Handshake?

It would be nice to have a "industry standard" :-) Fun aside. CURL commands are a way to test the endpoints (the programm POSTMAN is also used quite often for the people who do not like ...
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For a very long lived PHP web application project, is custom (self made) framework better than (open source) popular frameworks?

In general, yes, its probably better to have your own targeted, purpose-built framework in place for such a long term project. I say this as someone who manages a few 20+ year old PHP applications. ...
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Why are there so many frameworks for web development?

The other answers here provide some great history and explanation of web design, but do not answer your exact question directly: why are there so many different, competing frameworks? The answer is ...
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Separating AngularJs and Django into individual Apps?

You can separate the Front-end and Back-end application, actually that's good practice from my view. But you can serve both application in single ip address and different port nos in Apache/Nginx. The ...
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Handling field masks on the statically typed client

It really depends on your business logic requirements from the REST API response. Regarding your proposed solutions: I'll advise you to have this checking code outside of the actual logic function, ...
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How can I do to use Angular 5/6 for frontend and Codeigniter 3 for backend in the same web app?

You can start developing your application in angular 5. And backend can be anything . You just need an API call which can be done using httpClient in angular. Please refer below link. https://next....
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How can I integrate views with controller state transparently?

One way your {{ csrftoken() }} example can be implemented is by parsing the braces, reflecting over the underlying class to find the correct method to call, and replacing the braces and enclosing text ...
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