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No, it’s not ok. Someone claimed: security is like onions: the more layers you peal, the more you cry. This refers to the concept of layered security. There are many ways your system could be attacked: from the outside by compromising your public service; but also from the inside via another service or system: this is called a “lateral move” by the ...


The security argument against using DDLs is neither completely wrong nor completely right. If a web service is compromised, and an attacker manages to issue arbitrary select, insert, update or delete statements, the damage they can cause is not really different from the damage they can cause by a drop table or modify table statement. Ok, when you system ...


Are you absolutely, completely, 100% sure that there are no vulnerabilities in your code and all the libraries you're using to access the database that might allow SQL injection or the like? If you are sure, then there's no benefit. If you're not, then the benefit is obvious. (PS: you're not 100% sure)

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