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How do I write a message for a commit that resolves a merge conflict?

You write whatever the convention is for commit messages in your team. Many teams have certain conventions for commit messages because you use them to create a change log, something like this one: &...
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How do I write, review and coach better English language in documentation?

You have probably found a few resources that improved your "programmer vocabulary," and made it easier to authoritatively discuss programming concepts. For example, you may have already had a gut ...
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2 votes

How to determine ideal chunk size for file writing?

There are three factors at play: performing fewer large request tends to have higher throughput waiting for a buffer to fill up increases latency buffers require RAM This is a multi-objective ...
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Who writes functional specifications and how to track what has been done in a clear and effective manner

Getting the specs is only one part of the story Let's illustrate the problem from an other angle. I'm working on financial systems. Finance and accounting is heavily regulated, so functional ...
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What is the best toolkit for writing long technical texts?

Asciidoc (especially the Asciidoctor implementation) is a very attractive option if you would like the robustness of DocBook, while wanting to avoid XML and other markup languages.
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How do I write, review and coach better English language in documentation?

I feel your pain, it is sometimes hard to find people who are good in coding and have decent writing skills (even when they have to write documentation in their native language). Improving someone's ...
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