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What is a Comonad and how are they useful?

Recently I've been dusting off my knowledge on how Monads work. I've also been introduced to the concept of a 'Comonad', which is described as the inverse dual of a monad. However, I am impossible to ...
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Is there a reasonable way for a TypeScript class to derive from a Dojo/Dijit class?

DefinitelyTyped has a Dojo solution which uses named modules and may work with legacy Dojo and explicit typing. But these declarations do not facilitate TypeScript import, since there are no anonymous ...
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Caching Strategy: WCF Buffer pooling and size

I am currently trying to understand the best configuration for caching. I am using Azure In-Role caching (currently Colocated, but Dedicated at a later point) in a Web Api 2 application in .NET 4.5.1....
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Implement FBP / Dataflow programming in VBA?

Intrigued by Flow Based Programming a la J Paul Morrison. I wonder if one can implement FBP in Excel/VBA. I searched quite a bit for a Basic-Lang FBP implementation to no avail. I've looked at some ...
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Balance between aggregate boundaries and domain consistency in DDD

Designing an Aggregate and choosing an Aggregate Root getting tricky for me all the time especially when it comes to ensuring right transactional contexts and consistency constraints so I'm wondering ...
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Different kind of checked exceptions - Guarantee to only throw X

It is a widely held position that checked exceptions as implemented in Java are a bad idea. If you mark a method as throwing, calling code has to either catch the exception, or be marked as throwing, ...
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Facebook authentication with an Authoritative Server for a Flash Game

I'm working on a multiplatform game in Flash. This game utilizes Photon Server for authoritative physics and user statistics tracking. I'm looking to leverage Facebook authentication as an alternative ...
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Write data to SQL Server directly from BizTalk or use external service?

An external source will be sending us XML data that BizTalk will pick up and transform into an internal schema. We need this data to be loaded into a SQL Server database as we're going to expose some ...
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Design thoughts on a schema based request object for CXF endpoint

Trying to seek design suggestion on a schema based request object for a CXF endpoint. I've created a CXF SOAP endpoint which takes the following object as an input. The request object will have ...
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Clarification about Event Producer in StreamInsight

I need a small clarification about StreamInsight, I know by doc's that StreamInsight can handle multiple concurrent Events. But will the event producer be a separate function, for ex: I need to watch ...
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Is there any guideline from Unicode on how to deal with graphemes that have no base character?

A valid sequence of code-points can begin with one or more combining mark, which form a grapheme cluster that has no base glyph. I'm unsure how that should be handled, if at all. For example, consider ...
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Proxying REST Backends

I have several backend services (REST+SOAP) that have to be consumed by a SPA (Single Page Angular2 App). As JWT (JSON Web Token) is not feasible for me for the moment, security is done using CAS ...
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XDIME for Mobile Applications

I'm involved in a project that requires to mobile-enable some previously developed Portlets. The Portlets are deployed in WebSphere Portal, and the container offers a technology called IBM Mobile ...
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Should I be concerned with dependencies?

Our organization uses IBM ClearCase to manage its versioning controls (for better or worse). We've been working on our application for several years now, and a large number of activities have started ...
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Should an interface covariant on T ever implement an interface invariant on it?

I was reading through the Hacklang docs on Collections, and came across this curious definition [paraphrased slightly]: interface KeyedIterable<Tk, Tv> ... interface ConstVector<+Tv> ...

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