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Private Equity Systems Specialist

Salesforce Lightning Expert

Expert in developing SAML2.0 custom IDp & SP - yes when Azure AD, ADFS, and OKTA are not your options - Can provide you experience based advise

Application Developer by Profession with over 20 years of systems development and implementation background

Current: Developing a large application for Private Equity Industry on Salesforce
Was a big fan of Visual Studio... recently started working on Salesforce and Web development
Recent implementation caveats include making users of Investran, Salesforce, SAP, ADP/HRB, Workday, Sharepoint. Feel happy about the way we re-engineer the business process to add value to these implementations of these systems.

Past: Worked on most business programming languages from QBasic, ASM, C++, Java, VB & C#, you name it. Worked wtih PLCs/Control Systems, Robotics, & Trading Systems

Industry: Financial Services & BI Solutions

Founder of Tradon, a BI Solutions Provider. Personal Technical Rants are on my blog

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