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What's the worst question you were ever asked at interview?
18 votes

"How would you reformat this piece of code here?" They wanted the interviewee to give an answer consistent with the company's coding standards, i.e. guess what that company's standards are. Their ...

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93 votes
Do people in non-English-speaking countries code in English?
10 votes

I am from England, and I try to code (and post on sites like Stack Overflow) in US English, because that is the established international language for programming. I think I am in the minority ...

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26 votes
Killer semi-unique programming language features
8 votes

Continuations from Scheme (later adopted by a few other languages including Ruby.)

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40 votes
Will Java still be relevant in 5 years?
7 votes

I think so. I anticipate that its popularity will increase over the next couple of years, with recent improvements in the plug-in and the syntactic enhancements coming in Java 7. And it has the ...

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What's a schrödinbug?
2 votes

I've seen a few Schödinbugs and always for the same reason: Company policy required that everyone was supposed to use a program. Nobody really used it (mostly because there was no training for it.) ...

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Does this happen in Common Lisp?
2 votes

In PicoLisp, '(foo) is equivalent to (quote foo) and 'foo is equivalent to (quote . foo). I didn't understand that paragraph either. It's conceivable that Yegge was referring to PicoLisp (in the ...

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Greenspun's Tenth Rule, does every large project include a Lisp interpreter?
0 votes

Whether or not it was meant to be taken seriously, it is true of the largest C and C++ projects I have worked on. What is not true is that the custom scripting languages resemble Common Lisp. The ...

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As a software engineer, who should I be following on Twitter?
-4 votes

Nobody at all. Stop browsing sites like twitter when you should be coding. Then watch your productivity improve.

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