Vinay Raghu
  • Chennai, India
  • Member for 7 years, 7 months

UI/UX Developer with a passion for the latest frontend web technologies. Practiced agile, iterative and incremental UX engineering for runway2street with a focus on mobile web strategy, user engagement and retention. I am a cusp between a designer and a developer. I handle the entire frontend web stack.

Regular conference and meetup attendee

I love the web's unique culture of open sharing and learning. As a part of this community, I try and attend as many meetups and conferences as possible. I look at it as an opportunity to meet other passionate developers and learn. I also do my bit to give back by presenting, doing code demos, teaching, blogging, hosting meetups and user groups. I love to share what I learn and make tools that helps other developers work with ease and comfort that comes with experience.

Avid Open source contributor

As a way of giving back to the community, I also become actively involved in any open source projects I use for my daily work. I have helped several projects reach maturity and stability through pull requests for enhancements, initiating feature requests and discussions and bug fixing.