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I am Web Developer have lot of innovative things in my mind. I have 4 years of experience in Web Development. Most of the time I spent time with Magento, Zend.

From the last 3 years I am working with Magneto . In 2012 I passed Magento Certified Developer Plus exam. I love to play with Magento.

I have worked at list 30 small and medium size Magento projects. Also have done 2 huge projects having product more than 2 lakes.

I am passionate with my work and I love my work most. In my free time I spent time in developing some new module, learning new technology and R&D.

Also I love to help people. I contribute lot of post in forums. I have regular contribution in Magento Forum.

As a friendly guy i also expect help from you.

If you need any help don't hasitate to shoot a mail.

You can reach me by

Skype : suman.phptech

Gmail : [email protected]

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