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Which format is best for the first prototype not on paper?
19 votes

For me hands down it is Balsamiq I love it for a number of reasons. Easy to use - The interface for Balsamiq is incredibly simple and fast for me to pull things together. Looks like a mockup - When ...

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What do you think about the Joel Test?
6 votes

I have to say that it is a good "baseline", but with any measuring tool there are other factors. For example not a single company that I have worked for has done Daily Builds (I know, I know), but ...

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Perks for new programmers
6 votes

There are a number of things that come to mind, and not even for junior people. Training packages for use with conferences, certifications, or something similar. Showing a dedication to future ...

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What's it like to work in a large programming team?
5 votes

Communication is what I have found to be the biggest thing that starts to degrade as the size of the team grows. It becomes harder to get communication out, and harder to ensure that everyone is ...

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Does making source code available affect your ability to generate revenue?
4 votes

Personally I think that the best example of this is the way that companies such as Telerik and others do their licensing. You pay for the license, you get the source code, and it is for your use. If ...

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What licence should I choose for my project?
3 votes

Personally your best bet to get a true answer to this question would be to talk with a Legal Professional as they are going to know the specifics. However, what I remember when i was talking with my ...

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Can a developer get a discount for Microsoft products?
2 votes

The recommendations here for BizSpark and MSDN are great recommendations, in addition something that would be helpful is to look into becoming a "Microsoft Certified Partner", the process is quite ...

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What is the single most effective thing you did to improve your programming skills?
0 votes

Working on a variety of technologies and programs. The key is to continue trying new things, so I guess the ONE thing is challenging myself to do things that I have not done!

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