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Security technologist, architect and hacker, with experience in Digital Forensics, Ethical Hacking/Threat Profiling, Reverse Engineering and Fraud investigation. Expert on payments, speaking at major events and publish papers and online. Track record of building successful teams and delivering high value revenue. Quoted in the press numerous times, and interviewed by the BBC, ITN and Channel 4 news on several occasions. Proud to be assisting in building 44CON to be the premier security conference in Europe!

Technology interests come from my background in programming, and I still roll up tools (Python/perl scripts) and get my hands dirty when needed! I am the holder of the very first Firewall-1 certification in Europe.

Professional interests: Information Risk, Governance & Compliance, Fraud, Electronic Discovery, information security, IT Architecture, cryptography, information forensics, social engineering, penetration testing, security audit, Payment Systems, Mobile Payments, Social media payment systems.

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