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24 votes

What HTTP status code to return if multiple actions finish with different statuses?

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Why assert for null on a object before asserting on some of its internals?

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Is there a more intelligent way to do this besides a long chain of if statements or switch?

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In the days of modern computing, in 'typical business apps' - why does performance matter?

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Why is polling accepted in web programming?

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Interface design where functions need to be called in a specific sequence

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Are magic numbers acceptable in unit tests if the numbers don't mean anything?

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Why use getters only as opposed to marking things final?

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Is having fixed delivery dates for elements an "Agile" way of working?

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Why are "if elif else" statements virtually never in table format?

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Input based data fetch optimization

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How to deal with user interaction in event based microservices?

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How is Eventual Consistency (EC) better than Strong Consistency (SC) when N = 3, R=W=2 when SC gives better consistency gurantee in same config?

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Is method overloading anything more than syntactic sugar?