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Pierre Arnaud is a long-time software enthousiast who likes to consider himself as a craftsman.

As a kid, he wrote programs on a mechanical typewriter, imagining what the computer would do with his BASIC programs. In 1982, he bought his first 8-bit CPU (RCA 1802) which he programmed in binary, by toggling switches.

In 1984, he discovered the Smaky at the local school and started experimenting with new programming languages, such as PASCAL, LOGO, PROLOG, etc.

On Christmas 1985 he received a Commodore 128D from his parents, on which he developed his first real applications: a drawing program, followed the next year by a text processor.

In 1991, he wrote his first implementation a LISP interpreter for the Smaky computer. He had already acquired some experience developing system software, applications and drivers in CALM assembly language for the Smaky OS.

A few years later, he gradually switched from assembly language to C++ and contributed a port of GCC and Ghostscript to the Smaky. He also developed the Smaky emulator and the last Smaky hardware (Smaky 400).

Now, he is still happy developing software, but mainly in C#...

Pierre has a Ph.D. in Computer Science (artificial intelligence) from the EPFL.

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