I have been developing software using many different languages and technologies for about 36 years, but pretty exclusively C (starting using in 1980) C++ (1987) and Go (2017), mainly in Microsoft operating systems (MSDOS and Windows) but I was a UNIX systems programmmer/admin for 5 years.

I first used UNIX in 1978 at Sydney University. I submitted a Linux kernel patch to Linus (0.99j) in early 90's. I wrote my first MSDOS C program in 1984 (using Lattice C).

I also wrote some articles for the C/C++ Users Journal in the 90's, mainly concentrating on one of my favourite tehcnologies - STL.

I created the open source Windows binary file editor called HexEdit in the late 90's whence it was downloaded more than 1 million times in the first 14 months. A lot of people still use it, I believe, though I stopped development a few years ago. See https://github.com/AndrewWPhillips/HexEdit/.

I have a blog which talks about C, C++, Agile, etc and more recently mainly Go (golang) development. See http://devmethodologies.blogspot.com/.