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I'm currently attending Purdue University Fort Wayne as a graduate student in the Computer Science field.

I am a programmer and enthusiast, but also an academic at heart. Knowledgeable in C, UNIX and GNU/Linux operating systems, Bourne shell, Common Lisp, Python, and (to an extent) Java.

I also am seasoned under Microsoft Windows and am familiar with the Windows C/C++ API.

My hobbies are mostly related to computer hardware. By hardware, I mean in the sense of microcontrollers, CPU's, and other computer components. I primarily have learned in the relatively discrete home computers of the 1980's.

I have picked up some Z80 and 6502 assembly knowledge in the process, and written tiny programs for my VIC-20 and my NES/Famicom. I'm always eager to learn more about how they actually work at the lowest level, and I am proud to say I think I know enough to go about building a small, early 1980's style one from the ground up now.

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