Muhammed Tanrıverdi

Software developer with several years on various projects and currently working in S3Innovation. I have entrepreneurial spirit and love to be a part of start-up community.

I worked on various projects in different areas, such as audio and image processing, social networking, education, GIS, hydrology etc. I studied data analytics. During my work experiences, I became familiar with business models, product development, and investment processes, etc.

As a member of a young start-up team, I developed Deplike - a guitar amp and pedals simulation application with the AudioUnit framework and everything else in iOS.

Independently I launched CityNom - a social platform for connecting people at the same location. I developed all components, from the front-end to the back-end processes, as well as the mobile application.

With a group of friends, I launched Konfeti website - an online platform connecting events’ organizers and subscribers. I was responsible for building everything from the front-end to back-end and everything in between.