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112 votes

What's wrong with comments that explain complex code?

38 votes

No central database

25 votes

Is there any way to get faster at solving bugs? I've just had a warning from my boss

25 votes

Is machine language always binary?

23 votes

Can the "level 256 bug" in the game of Pacman be considered an unhandled segfault?

21 votes

When do function call costs still matter in modern compilers?

9 votes

Is there any danger in writing raw bytes to a file?

7 votes

Is micro-optimisation important when coding?

5 votes

Are C static libraries frowned upon?

4 votes

Learning C, C++ and C#

3 votes

Has there really not been one thing in the past 20 years that provided huge software development gains?

3 votes

Are magic numbers acceptable in unit tests if the numbers don't mean anything?

2 votes

Code formatting: is it worth to make bad code to look bad?

2 votes

Best practice for redundant conditions in if-elif-else statements

1 vote

Why do we have postfix increment?

0 votes

Do else blocks increase code complexity?

-4 votes

Using a GPLv3 Python module, will my entire project have to be GPLv3 licensed?