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I have 8 plus years experience in various areas of mobile application, backend server and game development including iOS, node.js, Android game and cross-platform(iOS/Android) game-engine development.

Currently I am working on a product called Mesmer(an eBricks-inc affiliate) which is funded by Intel Capital which involves working with Java, node.js, MongoDB, AWS. Previously at eBricks-inc I had worked on numerous iOS and node.js projects for various clients of eBricks-inc e.g. Mesmer, Citrix, AnyPresence, Mitsubishi Electric US and Hathway etc.

Throughout my career I have worked on teams/projects that employed best software engineering methodologies, tools and practices like: Agile, git, Issue Tracking(JIRA), Continuous-Integration(Travis-CI, Jenkins), unit testing etc. I have excellent English communication skills, both verbal and written. I have a lot of experience working on projects that involved teams or clients geographically located in different country and time zone.

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