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Nathan Basanese
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“It's not so important to be serious as it is to be serious about the important things. The monkey has an expression of seriousness that would do credit to any great scholar. But the monkey is serious because he itches.”

After Nathan dropped out of public school in second grade, he home-schooled himself through high school, and attended four colleges on his way to earning his official degree.

Nathan is a self taught high-rent IT monkey and privacy enthusiast.

He's worked at Bitcoin startups, at Tesla, WebEx, and as a security advisor to RiskBazaar.

Most recently, he won a hackathon, worked as a Systems Engineer/Architect for Cisco WebEx, advises a Bitcoin startup, and currently works on

Nathan also swing dances, reads, writes, and studies social psychology. Ask him about Dunbar's number or firebreaks.

You could contact me on, because we're both serious about the important things

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