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Starting from February 2002, it is now close to 18 years of experience (all in product organizations) I gathered in different domains of IT industry. During this tenure I got some good opportunities where I earned experience in “concept to code” journeys till final delivery. I also learnt skills on mentoring and technical leadership while being hands-on. In most part of my roles I worked in system side areas of projects. In all my projects I used C/C++ as programming language on UNIX/Linux family (briefly on Windows as well).

  • Currently, I am working as a Sr. Principal Engineer in Dell which I joined in November 2012. Most of my work involves me in enhancing various parts of NetBSD kernel and drivers (NIC, I2C, GPIO etc) to accommodate new features for Dell Networking OS. In this job my special focus goes towards debugging kernel/driver issues, contributing to roadmaps and mentoring my juniors.

Additionally, in this role I am Technical Lead to resolve security related issues for various Dell Networking OSes. Therefore, I am recipient of rare opportunity to study security threats and creation of threat-models for network/software security.

The roles above demand specific expertise in communication and leadership with technical teams. Other than mentoring/leading another aspect in my role as leader for Security team is to have dialogue with teams outside Dell Networking BU and represent Dell Networking to form security policies for Dell Enterprise Solution Group.

  • Prior to Dell, I worked for Ericsson as Lead Engineer during June 2009 to Nov 2012, in telecom domain on SCP systems. In this role I was in-charge of designing, developing and enhancing an interpreter and few other software modules. This job demanded a good knowledge of multi-processing, shared memory databases and debugging skills.

  • During 2006 and June 2009, I worked for Megasoft in telecom domain for SIP based SoftPBX. In this project I had rare opportunity of conceptualizing, coding and delivering the product. In this project I owned several modules and drove them to delivery stage. This was one of most challenging project which needed expertise in object oriented designing, multi-threading, SIP and other related VoIP protocols.

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