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118 votes

Should a competent programmer be able to come up with his own shortest path algorithm?

73 votes

What is the (craziest, stupidest, silliest) thing a client/boss asked you to do?

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Library vs. framework vs API?

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What's the worst question you were ever asked at interview?

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What are the downsides of RoR?

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What are the 'must know' Emacs commands?

22 votes

Working with clients who don't know what they want

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Best practice on if/return

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How do freelancers know how much their work is worth?

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How 'simple' is a real KISS solution?

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When is an application too customizable?

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Do Programmers sometimes intentionally over complicate code?

10 votes

Doesn't "if (0 == value) ..." do more harm than good?

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Migrating from one PHP framework to another

6 votes

What software development process should I learn first for a solo project?

6 votes

Becoming a polyglot programmer

5 votes

What is the career path for a software generalist?

4 votes

source code check in / validation best practices

3 votes

Can I use corporate-licensed tool at home/for personal projects?

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Hiding away complexity with sub functions

3 votes

PHP, HTML, Javascript and writing good practices

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Is Prolog professionally useful?

1 vote

Should you Create Class Diagrams before or after implementation?

1 vote

controlling an object through another object?

1 vote

Is there a name for the concept of a hierarchy of many short methods in a class

0 votes

What kind of bug is this?