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I am a software technology lead with more than 14 years of experience building robust and scalable web, mobile and cloud applications.

I help enterprise clients to challenge complexity of design, performance and scalability for the Cloud. Early stage concepts and application prototyping, MVP definition, production implementation and deployment. Knowledge and intensive experience in applying enterprise design patterns and practices helped clients to quickly release software to back up their sales campaigns and other marketing initiatives.

.Net and Java, AWS and Azure, SQL and NoSQL, let's find out what would be the best for your business case and build a tool that will serve your business needs.

  • 14 years in the computer industry designing, developing and deploying web, mobile and cloud applications, e-commerce, ETL tools, property management, social portals and health care solutions.
  • 5+ years working with big technology clients: “Gap”, “PacificMetrics” (ACT),, “AMD”, “BellMedia”, “Just Energy”, “WinMagic” as a consultant, architect and developer.
  • 6+ years designing and prototyping solutions from scratch stage to delivery and cloud deployment.
  • 3+ years working with new and emerging technologies as Angular, NodeJS, Document/Graph DBs.
  • 8+ years using agile methodologies in SDLC.
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