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I'm a software engineer working with embedded Linux systems, using mainly C, and scripting languages such as Bash and Lua. I also use tools such as buildroot and crosstools-ng to make cross-compiled Linux images.

Before getting this job I completed a PhD in Astrophysics. This involved a lot of numerical coding using languages like Fortan and IDL. I also used to teach C++ to 2nd year students.

In my spare time I'm always working on different ideas.

At the moment I'm mainly using Python, I'm writing a Betfair bot and also a twitter application. I'm also writing a Blackjack strategy analyser using C++, I doubt it will be of any use to anybody else but I've always wanted to code one.

I also made a Facemash-like website that compares great football (soccer) players. I wrote this in PHP and using MySQL. I'm also hosting this using an Amazon EC2 instance, which taught me a lot about server configurations.

In the past I've made Android apps using both Java, and the PhoneGap API, I want to make an iPhone app soon, so I'm going to see about porting the PhoneGap app over.

If you're interested in any of my projects get in touch, similarly if you have any ideas that you think I could help with please let me know.

I also have a blog.

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