Prakash Pandey

I have over two years of experience working in big data and data science technologies. I am currently working for Shephertz Technologies as a Big-Data Engineer, improving products and services for our customers. I fell in love with programming in my college days, taught myself programming and started freelancing since I was in college.

I have done opensource projects for companies such as Vmware and some are my own. You can find about them in my repository(Github.com/prakashpandey). My opensource project range from Infrastructure as a code, Ethereum Blockchain Automation to Image Classification in Data-Science.

Technology is my passion and In my spare time, I explore various technologies. You can find what technologies I am currently working on from my StackOverflow, GitHub or Twitter (all links below)

If you’re interested in grabbing a coffee and discussing technology/startup ideas, please send a message my way (pandey.prakash@mail.com).

Competencies: Big data technologies, Spring boot, Microservices, Apache Storm/Spark, Data-Science, Machine learning, Cloud computing, Blockchain Java/Python/Golang/Solidity/C++/Rust.