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23 votes

How to avoid excessive method overloading?

11 votes

In C# Is using private constant strings better than using strings directly in the code?

8 votes

Why are triggers seen as a last resort to solve multiple paths in cascading deletes?

7 votes

What is a widely accepted term for a string variable that would probably contain a file path and file name?

6 votes

Are (database) integration tests bad?

4 votes

How is this pattern called?

2 votes

Am I overdoing stuff when I sever interfaces from concrete implementations?

2 votes

How to communicate software design efficiently between developers?

2 votes

What to do when you inherit an unmaintainable codebase?

1 vote

Stored Procedure performance

0 votes

how to paginate and combine results that come from different sources sorted

0 votes

Design Pattern: Algorithm varies according to the input arguments

0 votes

Programming by dictation?