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Anit Shrestha Manandhar

Anit is a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience leading agile teams in various domains designing, developing and delivering value added systems. He has worked mostly as an object oriented backend developer in C# and PHP, and explores through many other programming languages such as TypeScript and GO. He has also worked with many front-end frameworks including React and Angular. He keeps himself updated with the recent advancements in the tools and technologies and believes in automating processes to improve productivity.

Career Snapshot:

  • As a Senior Technical Lead, lead the teams including technical leads to develop and maintain a legacy system
  • As a Software Engineering Manager, created an autonomous and agile software development culture
  • As a Technical Lead Developer, re-engineered cross platform global remittance
  • As a Lead Software Engineer, completed back end applications of ACH processing system
  • As a Senior Software Engineer, delivered many eCommerce projects
  • As a Software Engineer, developed web based travel and tourism MIS application

What He Believes:

  • Deep knowledge, hands-on coding and servant-leadership.
  • Data structures and algorithms are the foundations to understand the programming language.
  • Design principles and patterns helps to solve the problem efficiently.
  • Pair programming, test driven development, and agile practices must be the part of the culture to emphasize improvement of the quality of code, and hence, the service.
  • "Clean Code" by Robert C. Martin would be the THE MUST READ book.
  • We achieve more being part team and the community.
  • Unused skills diminishes, therefore, learning continues, and it might also come unexpected, unintended.

Happy learning, happy coding!

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