Anit Shrestha Manandhar

Software engineering career is a journey, not a "titled" destination. System's design is an art, it’s a philosophy that closely relates to the way the artist lives, which is reflected in their design.

Data structures, programming languages, frameworks and architectures are the tools and utilities which every software engineer needs to use proficiently, and to achieve proficiency in-depth knowledge, experience, and patience is required. Although growth depends as much on the individual’s learning habits, organization’s culture (especially the engineering culture that adheres to best practices) plays a vital role in their development process. Therefore, in order to improve the organization culture, change management and process improvement methodologies like Agile and DevOps must also be followed as the better the development processes, higher is the quality of software produced.

I have worked most of my career to heal mid to large scale legacy monoliths with dire technical debts in various business domains by leading the transformation process and delivering maintainable, scalable, modernized systems through advocating the best engineering practices and improving T-skills of the team of varying sizes as the Servant-Leader facilitator.

There is no silver bullet for all systems problems, different tasks require different tools, so a change in perspective is needed for every instance in order to find a fitting solution and the only way that is possible is through continuous learning. I am interested to work in distributed high performing secure systems and understanding their applications for various use cases. I look forward to learning more about Linux kernel, containerization and the Cloud Native landscape.

Amor fati 🌱