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I am an elected moderator on Stack Overflow. If you need to contact me regarding how I handled a post on Stack Overflow, please do so on the site. The best option for contact is raising a flag on the relevant post or, if I left a comment on the post, responding to that comment.

I am a business school assistant professor, and I received my PhD in operations research. My research interests involve data-driven decision making in the healthcare space, with a focus on designing combination drug therapies for advanced cancer and on designing population screening strategies for cancer. My Erdos number is 3.

On Stack Overflow, I'm most active in (where I am the first recipient of a bronze badge) and . I most enjoy answering questions that either deal with code optimization or mathematical optimization. My favorite answers I've contributed so far has this flavor:

When I'm not working or on Stack Overflow, you might find me playing my favorite physical sport (tennis), playing my favorite mental sport (bridge), or playing with my cat Neptune (pictured).

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