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Combining getters and setters
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12 votes

Martin Fowler recently named it Overloaded getter and setter in this article: I've been poking around in Javascript recently and one thing that's struck me is the habit of using the same function ...

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What makes an application scalable?
6 votes

You basically want to avoid performance bottlenecks when you increase the number of users, and/or process a larger data set, and/or offer your interface in more languages, etc. You basically take a ...

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How to include rookie developers into your project?
5 votes

I used to work at a software shop, where we were coding a large project (significant ramp-up time). Rookies were treated like vets. They were assigned a technical leader and started features "on ...

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Is there a name for the concept of a hierarchy of many short methods in a class
3 votes

I think you are looking for the expression "a class (or method) that reads like a newspaper article", borrowed from Uncle Bob's book Clean Code. We start at the top with important statements and drill ...

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What language should be used to teach object-oriented design and development in university?
2 votes

I believe the choice of language is less important than the set of librariries. Let me clarify. I had several C++ classes (1st OO language) at the Univ. This is where I was taught OO mechanisms such ...

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Are there any tools that allow you to track and manage test cases and test execution?
0 votes

At a previous job, we used ApTest with some success. It was useful to implement test run results (for traceability requirements), and also to clarify expectations during development (the test cases ...

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How do you keep track of your past projects?
0 votes

Just like pdr, I keep the "main" part of my CV under a specific size (2-3 pages), but I also include a one-page list of technologies with experience level (in number of years).

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